Chase Ribs And Tenders

Designed and built as a purpose chase tender the HYST models are available from 9.5-15m, teak laid decks and sumptuous upholstery blend together to form a combination of style and ergonomic space that can be used for the crew and guests with ease, based on our deep V hull the ride is smooth, dry and fast, taking the waves with ease, the high lift bow gives added protection from the elements. Shock mitigation seats as standard with a variety of bespoke and custom options to suit.

Our range is semi production, based on this we have the ability to be able to custom each model range of the boat from the mould tools, it can be slightly longer, slightly shorter if need, our engine and propulsion option packages are main stream brands that make installation and service a seamless event .

Design and build

For yachts in the design and build stage we offer a full CAD design service that works together with the ship yard and owners representing to design and build the best tender option for the purpose required.

Please contact us for an informal discussion and to receive further information.